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Development Manual (Forms, Fees, Checklists)

The UDC Development Manual is adopted as an integral component of the Unified Development Code. The manual is intended to provide applicants with the information and forms necessary to file a complete application required by the UDC. The manual contains the forms, fees, and submittal checklists for all materials required for each type of permit processed by the Planning Department, plus meeting dates and other important information.

The following Development Manual forms and checklists were revised in April 2015, unless otherwise noted, to update the calendars, fees, forms and checklists.  Please contact the Planning Department at planning@georgetown.org or at 512-930-3575 if you have any questions or comments.

General Information:

Basic Application Forms

Application Checklists

Subdivision Signature Blocks:

Fiscal Surety Forms:

Landscaping and Tree Information: