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What is MyGovernmentOnline?

MyGovernmentOnline (aka MyPermitNow) is the City’s application tracking software that is designed to streamline submittal and review of development plans and permits. This web-based system is currently active for all applications through the Planning Department, as well as all permits and inspections through the Inspections Services Department.

MyGovernmentOnline will allow those seeking building and development-related approvals to track the progress of their application from submittal to approval to inspection. Features include digital submission, digital review of staff comments, and online information about pending application.

The City of Georgetown Planning Department has created a User Guide to guide and help you use MyGovernmentOnline, including creating your account, submitting applications online, tracking the status and progress of you application, paying fees online and so much more.

Accessing MyGovernmentOnline:

Click here to access MyGovernmentOnline
Click here to access the User Guide

For assistance with MyGovernmentOnline – www.mygovernmentonline.org tech support, creating account, associating files, and paying online – please call their customer service number 1-866-957-3764.