Recent UDC Interpretations

Below is a listing of recent interpretations regarding the provisions of the UDC.

Determination that allows Director to Determine when a 6″ allowance is granted without an Administrative Exception

Rule in Question: Absolute tolerance for lot and dimensional standards established for various types of zoning districts promulgated in UDC Chapters 6 and 7. The UDC also establishes an Administrative Exception process in Section 3.16, generally allowing the Director or Building Official “to consider and authorize an adjustment up to 10% of any numerical standard set forth in this Code.” The Administrative Exception process is explained in Customer Bulletin #102, including submittal procedures and a $300 application fee. This process in general has assisted developers and builders with flexibility. The Administrative Exception process should continue; however, there are certain very minor situations where additional staff flexibility is appropriate.

UDC Code Interpretation – Tolerance of additional inches (March 5, 2014)