Georgetown UDC

UDC Amendments – Effective 9/14/21

2020 UDC Annual Review Cycle – Effective 9/14/21

The 2020 UDC General Amendment List items related to Tree Preservation, Landscaping, and Screening/Water Conservation received final approval from the City Council at their September 14, 2021 meeting. The amendments were effective immediately.

The links below provide summaries of the amendments as approved by the Council.
Summary of Major Changes related to Tree Preservation
Summary of Major Changes related to Landscaping
Summary of Major Changes related to Screening/Water Conservation

The redlined portions of the UDC provide the actual language altered within the UDC. The text hosted by Municode will be updated accordingly.
Chapter 3 – Tree Removal/Pruning Permit
Chapter 4 – Gateway Overlay Districts
Chapter 8 –  Tree Protection & Mitigation, Landscaping
Chapter 11 – Stormwater Facilities
Chapter 16 – Definitions

The approved and executed is filed as Ordinance No. 2021-62.

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